Just because I volunteer as a school monitor doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about writing services. In fact, I have recently contacted a certain writing service that helped me finish an important paper just in time for submission. This service is called Supreme Dissertations, and I’d like to talk about how and why I came into a situation where I worked with them – with great personal satisfaction and success.

The difficulties of a school monitor

Being a school monitor isn’t easy. The staff constantly shifts you from one class to another in order to compensate for the size of each group.

Teachers or professors can rarely maintain discipline by themselves, so monitors are there to assist them in exchange for useful skills and leeway with deadlines. However, I managed to cross all the deadlines I could have asked for with my dissertation. A lot of things happened at once and I couldn’t manage to write it properly:

  • I had to stay at college late after my courses were over to assist the professors.
  • My exam period is nearing and I have a lot of leftover work to deal with in regards to that.
  • I recently acquired some money which I had no other way of spending apart from online shopping.

The cards were in place for me to find some outside help in the form of a writing service. Before working with Supreme Dissertations, I probably shared your opinion of writing services as well.

Finding good help online

Writing services are a dime a dozen if you care to look carefully enough. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to writing services and all of them offer some form of help with thesis writing. However, I decided to narrow down my search to “buy a thesis online” and behold – Supreme Dissertations was the first result I came across.

Keep in mind that I am pretty good with computers myself and I was surprised by the number of details and attention put into Supreme Dissertations. It’s very easy to find what you are looking for with only a few clicks, so I decided to look at their reviews and testimonials first. I was pleased with their positive reviews and comments from the students that asked for their help – especially when I saw the complexity of the topics they were working on.

Making the first contact

Since their pricing model is fairly reasonable, I decided to look for a rough estimate of how much my thesis would cost. The cost wasn’t nearly as high as the rumors I’ve heard about these sites suggested so I decided to make contact with them.

The person on the other end greeted me in a very professional and rich vocabulary that made me smile with joy – I was in good hands after all! I told them about the type of work I needed and that it wouldn’t take much work to finish the thesis I started working on. After a few questions, they told me to wait for an email that would arrive with my dissertation attached to it.

The thesis I received was everything I could have asked for and more! I changed a couple of things here and there to make it look as if I was the one who wrote it and it was ready for submission. I managed to hand it in a few days ahead of schedule which took my professor by surprise.

Future of writing services

I don’t know what the future holds for writing services and their implementation in academic writing. I only know that Supreme Dissertations managed to save me when I needed their help the most – something I will be forever grateful for.

Suggesting this website to colleagues is a no-brainer as I’ve already started nudging students towards Supreme Dissertations should they ever need some help with finishing their college dissertation – it’s the least I can do at this point!