Do you ever feel like you simply can’t get people to pay enough attention to you? This is a common problem for many of us who wish to get their points across but aren’t really able to captivate their audience and keep their attention.

If you wish to know how to make people become more interested in what you have to say, here are 3 simple tips that will help you get people to listen to you more.

Listen to them

The simplest thing you can do in order to engage the people you’re talking to is to also take the time to listen to them. If you just want to get your point across and not give them the chance to say anything, chances are they will not want to listen to you either. M

Make sure that you are patient and respectful and that you show real interest in what they have to say. If you do that, they will respect you for it and they will probably feel obligated to show you the same amount of attention you paid them. This will help you keep their attention for longer and also make you appear more likable and friendly.

Do not over analyze

The biggest key to making people listen to you is to not bore them. If you talk for too long hey will definitely get bored and avert their attention to something else. Make sure that what you’re saying has a conclusion and it’s easy enough for them to follow and not get confused or tired in the middle of your speech.

Make it interactive

People are way more likely to listen to you if you manage to find a way to keep their attention focused. If you look at the people you’re talking to and you realize that they are looking at their phones or just doing something else, that definitely means that their attention is not on you.

You can always reverse that by first of all stop to talk. This will possibly confuse them and they will give you their attention momentarily. You can maintain that by doing something more interactive than just talking endlessly. For example, ask them a question. It might not even be much related to the topic you were discussing but you will be able to earn their interest and they will be way more likely to listen to you when you speak again.

Earn their respect

The more you let the person you’re talking to know that you are interested in what they’re saying, the better your chances are of them listening to you. Keep your talking short and make it interactive so that they keep wanting to hear what else you have to say.

It is also important to make sure that the topic you’re discussing is actually interesting for the other person. If in any way it offends them or makes them upset, they will definitely not want to listen to what you have to say. Therefore, make sure that you are trying to have the attention of the right people and at the right times.