I believe proper introductions are in order – my name is Stacy and I’m a college student. I’m a senior at the Columbia University of New York and I volunteer as a school monitor. Having the opportunity to practice team and group management skills while still in college has been an amazing learning experience for me.

This blog aims to share my experiences, knowledge, and advice on classroom management skills. We will also cover the topics of “surviving” college, managing a team while doing a group project and anything related to focusing and working harder for your exams.

Since I’m a senior I have gone through most of what college has to throw at me (apart from a post-graduate). This gives me confidence that I can share some interesting and useful insight with you guys. As I move into my post-graduate degree preparations, I will make sure to include any content that covers the topic of choosing the right degree for you. There are a number of degrees that involve human resource management and the skills we will cover on the blog so it could be a win-win scenario for some of you who decide to follow the blog.

While this blog will focus primarily on the needs of college students, the techniques and group management skills we will cover can be applied to a variety of scenarios. You can use these techniques in your office environment, in group sports or even debate clubs – the context may vary, but the steps are the same.

This type of openness towards the content I will create will hopefully help the blog grow and expand beyond just college students. With time, I hope to be able to provide relevant content for others, such as graduates looking for leadership skills or employees with colleague difficulties.

Should anyone have additional ideas, feedback or support to provide, I will be happy to talk to you on whatever topic you wish to discuss. I look forward to discussing classroom and group management with you guys. A blog is a place of communication by nature – let’s not make this one a one-sided affair.